Grand-Casino.Coca.Bz Match “Mad Spin” in February 2018

تاريخ النشر: 1 مارس 2018

المعلن: GrandTournament

المكان: قطر

الغرض: مطلوب

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Hiwith ! Winter has come and We have now geared up presents to suit your needs: 2 400$ - prize fund! 1 000$ - initially area prize! Here is the things they say about us and a few reviews: cV3a_63cHVg Downtown Grand Tournament on bets volume Games: Slot and Keno Taking part in tournament: bet from 0.01$ Terms and policies of Match: - The player will get mechanically into Match table and gets to be It can be participant it doesn't matter if this wager wins or no. - For winning in Event It's a necessity for making the maximum number of bets. - If two or more individuals hold the exact same bets quantity, the higher placement will take who received it initially. - A desk demonstrates: area from the tournament, login of every participant and the result of bet sum. - The column «Prize» has two formats of prizes: the very first for all gamers, the next for Vip players. - Bonus prizes are accrued with wager 35 for all players and thirty for Vip players. Most effective regards,

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