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Five minutes after he arrived at the house he'd be down to the floor actively playing along with your youngsters. He is the sort who wouldn't be capable to resist loosening the hostess's apron strings around the way with the kitchen area on the eating space.What is actually the take care of PISD retaining drug addicts/child predators/alcholics utilized at this college around our youngsters??!! Its like we have been supplying this loser a buffet of impressionable youth for him to prey on. So by now I'm positive you also have heard about Jones obtaining busted from the cops for DUI and possession past yr. I was wondering that finally which was a way to an conclusion which prick was planning to be fired, but I had been Improper!!! Pleasant occupation PISD! Now his lastest achievement is displaying up drunk at my daughters basketball follow yesterday and disappears for an hour or so and remaining all the ladies unattended and unsupervised! 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